25 Best Female-Fronted Indie Bands and Artists

Women rock, both literally and figuratively. Yet, so often, female musicians are overlooked by their male counterparts. But not here. Below, find Ellenwood-EP’s 25 best female/female fronted indie rockers that you should be listening to right now (in no particular order):

Treasure Island Music Festival 2015 – Recap

Treasure Island, about 4 miles from the coast of San Francisco, was blessed with sunny, clear skies last Saturday and Sunday for the 9th annual Treasure Island Music Festival. Hosted by Noise Pop and Another Planet Entertainment, two major concert production companies in the San Francisco bay area, Treasure Island showcased diverse genres of music, skillfully crafted art installations, craft food and vendors, and friendly attendees.

WOLKOFF Interview

Joanie Wolkoff (her current incarnation is known best as Wolkoff) is a Canadian synthpop artist whose travels have brought her to Brooklyn after making a few pit stops around the world, this Friday she’ll play the New York CMJ festival and it won’t be surprising to see her following grow even more afterwards.

Album Review: Wild Child – Fools

Wilson’s storytelling vocals combined with poignant Paramore-doing-folk-esque lyrics and a set of solid melodies throughout the album are what allows Fools to rise above unambitious folk-pop ditties rehashing the same instrumentation and base throughout each song, proving themselves to be more eclectic and honed in musicality than your average band.