Live Review and Photos by: GINA FINSTAD

Adele Jacques breezes into the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, bright-eyed and cheery, ready to sit down and interview before her show. Her vibrant red hair shines under the pink and blue lights while her lime green satin dress glows against her pale skin.

What is Paris Loves LA? Paris Loves LA is a cabaret show based in Los Angeles, CA fronted by the lovely and vivacious Adele Jacques. It’s a tribute to the musician love relationship of two iconic French stars, Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot, who had an affair in the 60’s. Serge, being one of the most famous French composers at the time and Brigitte his muse. Adele put a show together of cover songs as an homage to their relationship as well as to American Jazz and American music. At the time there had been a bridge between Europe and America. American jazz men would go over and play in Paris where there was a huge movement of collaboration between Americans and Parisians. Serge had become Adele’s mentor early on in life, but also in addition to Serge, Adele feels her father was a huge part of her inspiration. Growing up in an expressively open home, Adele was raised dancing, singing and acting. Her father, a photographer, was always photographing her. Adele says she identifies her father with Serge. She laughs a bit as she says “It’s a bit weird as I’ve never met Serge personally, however I have always been fascinated with the relationship Serge had with his own daughter”. She has a tape of Serge Gainsbourg her father gave her which she likes to identify as her father in a sense and pays homage to her father in each of her shows because of it.

Adele wanted to incorporate the acting into her show as she feels that the show is more than just a band or just a musical, which is why she likes to describe it as a cabaret. Adele started singing in France in 1997 when she got into a band called Bel Air. Taking the band to New York, they experienced a moment of success when Adele was interviewed by the NY Times at the Knitting Factory, which prompted her to move to California, as well as her love for American men. She loved Paris but she needed a change. She describes being in New York as being in a dream. She said for the first six months, everything was working really well and it was in New York that she gained a desire to cover Serge Gainsbourn songs. She had been invited to perform in a show called  Stella at Fez  Café.

. It was a stand up comedy show with songs performed in between acts. She thought to perform a Serge song since a few jazz musicians were performing.

Adele has also had the chance to collaborate with composer John Swithert on the Youth in Revolt Soundtrack a few years back. She had actually met him through a mutual friend in the Blue Man Group, so when he approached her to work on a song together for the score she was very excited. She found the project very helpful as she was going through a break up at the time and felt it a great time to write a love song. She was also able to perform at the movie premier held at the Nike Montalban Theater in Hollywood for Cinema Tuesday.

When asked about the internet and its usefulness to her reaching the public, Adele stated that she found it to be a double-edged sword. She found the exposure has been great however it is also more work trying to keep it updated. She currently uses Twitter, Facebook, and her own website to promote her music and understands what an important tool the internet is. She did admit that she has been able to play many more shows, record music and is shooting her first music video in August since her website launched, but she states that she is not obsessed with the social sites.

Adele is also working on some solo work and is possibly performing her music at Spaceland in the near future. She still has plans to expand her “Paris Loves …” series and is in the works to start expanding in Central and South America. The idea is to go to each new city as a small band and grow the band with local musicians. She feels it’s more interesting to incorporate the flavors of each location, thus giving each show its own personality. She says it’s like Serge traveling since the show is all covers and Serge had so many different styles of music. When asked which live show has been her favorite so far, she decided upon The Summer Series in Pasadena last year because it was the largest stage and they could really work on the theatrical portion of the show. That particular show drew 840 people. She lovingly called it “her mini Hollywood Bowl, ” however she did say all of her shows are mini adventures for her.

Adele is not daunted by any French speaking crowds. In fact she loves the mystery it affords her and allows for her to talk and explain and interact with the audience. When asked what she was currently listening to, Adele admitted she has a huge crush on MGMT at the moment as well as Shadow Shadow Shade (who recently place at the Echo), and Super tramp. She also loves listening to Pandora internet radio.

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