written by: Shosh

Golden Youth is indie Californian duo (and BFFs) Stephanie Lauren and Kyle Monroe. In anticipation for their debut LP, they have recently released their second single via NYLONmag, “We Are Alive.” The tune opens with fluttering flutes (think Jonsi) and continues to employ more classically orchestral instruments to create a textured sound with a lighthearted melody. Lauren takes control of the lead vocal line, with a gravel to her voice that’s organic and warm. Her voice marries well with Monroe’s and together they “ooh” and “ahh” their way through this joyous tune. This song makes you want to run outside and skip through a lush meadow full of blooming daisies. It’s the perfect song for springtime. “We are all alive, ” Lauren reminds us. And boy does it feel good to be alive.

This song follows up “Seven Seas, ” another great tune with a gorgeous video. With their two released songs so strong, their full length debut LP, “Quiet Frame ; Wild Light, ” (due out May 28th) promises to leave its mark in your iTunes library.