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Multi-genre band Gumshen, formerly Menthol James, have posted the streaming version of their latest album, Progtronica, on their SoundCloud page, and released it for sale on their Bandcamp page.  The album is a nod to their blending of Prog Rock and Eletrconica styles, and it’s a very apt name indeed.

Combining elements of classic rock in Ron Hippie’s vocals, progressive meandering soundscapes and epic guitars, and electronic-genred backing tracks, Progtronica delivers what it promises.  Containing 6 tracks, each song has a different base beat; some songs are comfortably in the Dubstep or Drum and Bass arena, while others seem a little tougher to pin down, but still strongly electronic.  Meanwhile the guitar work in each track rises and falls and gives the progressive base to each piece.  Progtronica seems to have been crafted so that each track can stand alone as a single, or if the listener chooses to play the album from start to finish, it will create a journey through genres and sounds as the songs link together to tell a story.  The last song on the album, “Fragile We are Castles, ” is definitely the most definably progressive, and it was probably placed at the end of the album to remind the listener what this project is all about.  The rest of the album, however, does a good job of bringing more modern influences into the mix, creating an effect that is both timeless and relatable to a broad audience.

Visit Gumshen’s SoundCloud page to stream the full album, or click the widget on this page.  Progtronica is available for sale as a whole or track-by-track on the band’s Bandcamp page.


Written By Layla Marino