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“Transcendental Brainhop” is how Sydney-based electronic artist Sound Strider categorizes his own music on his Facebook Page, and his influences are too many to list.  His new 2-part “mixtape”, listed on SoundCloud, is a compilation of sounds, song fragments, and backing samples the like of which hasn’t been seen in many years in the experimental electronica community.

Connect the Drops part 1 and 2, running from end to end, span almost 3 hours and countless genres.  Most prevalent beat-wise in this compilation, the listener will find Trip Hop, Downtempo, and a little Acid House to tie it all together and make this one cohesive work.  The two parts, “Noon” and “Dusk” seem to have distinct tones fro each other, “Noon” being a little lighter and more celebratory, and “Dusk” a little more bass-heavy and pensive.  The two pieces can easily be enjoyed on their own, or the listener can put them together to have a full day of ambient, experimental sounds.

Sound Strider is known for his remixes and single-track interest pieces, but they are normally released in single or EP form.  This is the first time his audience has seen an epic creation such as this from the Aussie.  Visit Sound Strider’s SoundCloud page to stream Connect the Drops, or just click the widget above, which also has a free download for both parts.   Sound Strider’s other tracks, and first EP, Intrepid Travels, also appear on his SoundCloud page, and Intrepid Travels is available for free download.


Written by Layla Marino