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Los Angeles duo Ready Never released their first full-length album, Eleuthrophobia, in January, and it’s now streaming on their SoundCloud page.  The group, consisting of Benny Ed on bass, synth, vocals, and keyboards and Clinton Karcher on drums, has a very novel and diverse sound.

Though self-categorized as electro-pop, this label really belies a multitude of other genres and sounds.  While “Take that Pill, ” the first single off the album, falls squarely into the electro-pop box, other tracks such as “Victim of Vice” (featured in the player above) surely do not.

“Victim of Vice” starts off as pure, well-produced dubstep, but as it moves on an overlay of Florida breakbeat is added, and by the end it also contains a good dose of ravey techno samples.  This would seem a better representation of the diversity of Ready Never, but they are even more versatile than that.  They actually play their own instruments!

While most electronic artists these days are purely digital, ready Never prove that they are neither only digital or only electronic artists with their most recent single, “Future Retro.”  The name is a clever play on the track itself, which features both analog instruments (bass and drums) and digital keys.  It also seems to be saying that standard rock instruments will be retro in the future.  Check out a live performance of the song here:

While their overall sound is hard to pin down and can hardly be compared to a specific genre let alone another artist, Benny Ed’s vocals have a distinct tone of The Might be Giants, though lyrically they’re very different, ranging from fun, pop anthems to more serious topics.  He’s also clearly adept on the bass, and a few bass solo tracks can be found on their SoundCloud page. Whatever your music taste, Ready Never seems to have something for everyone.  This may be why each track on Eleutherophobia is for sale separately on their BandCamp page  with the Name Your Price Option.  Fans can also “like” them on their Facebook Page for news and tour dates.

Written by Layla Marino