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The Devine Xperience seem to be both savvy and talented, having signed to Superstar Dj Keoki’s Keoki Records and released their new self-titled album just a few weeks in advance of the relase Michael Alig from prison after 18 years.  If you’re not aware of Michael Alig, he is the the original New York Club Kid who discovered Keoki in 1986, as well as a convicted murderer and subject of even more original Club Kid James St. James’ breakout book, Disco Bloodbath.  If that’s not enough,  Disco Bloodbath  was made into the cult classic movie Party Monster starring McCauley Culkin as Alig.

The Savvy comes into play because Alig is planning a series of comeback parties, and The Devine Xperience will doubtless be on the roster.  The talent part, once listeners hear the self-titled album, is self-explanatory.  Experimental, straddling genres and subject matter, and just plain fun, the Devine Xperience may just be electornica’s answer to Frank Zappa.  Think that’s a bold statement?  Keep listening to the SoundCloud stream above and you’ll most likely start to agree.

The album starts with a Florida Breaks-driven electro piece, “In a Dream, ” which is as danceable as it is cerebral.  “In a Dream, ” along with “Completely in a Trance” and “The Answer” also have remixes on the album, “The Answer” having been mixed by Florida Breaks legends Jackal & Hyde.

Don’t discount the originals, however; tracks like “In a Dream, ” “Alien Love Truth, ” and “Touch the Sky” are funky yet heavy on the dubstep and combine beat structures and genres in a way that, while popular with the experimental electro scene with acts like Otto von Schirach and Modeselektor, are also unique in their fun, throwback-to-the-80s-and-real-raves statement.  This is not your typical EDM of the current period and you will not find it at EDC this year, but hopefully if you’e savvy enough and can get an invite, you will find the Devine Xperience at one of Michael Alig’s soon-to-be legendary comeback parties.

To stream The Devine Xperience on SoundCloud, just click the widget above or to purchase the album on itunes, click here.

Written by Layla Marino