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For as long as decent metal has been around, there’s been an element of classical music to it; Black Metal, Thrash Metal, and most notably Goth Metal have always contained heavy nods to famous classical pieces, if not outright covers.  The reasons for this are usually simple: the guitar started as a chamber instrument, and to date orchestral music still has some of the fastest and most complex music ever written, essential for good guitar shredding.  Heretofore, however, the music world has seen a dearth of electronic music with the same zeal for and incorporation of classical music.  Enter Dark Model.

“Orchestral Electronica” seems to be the most accurate hashtag on Dark Model’s SoundCloud Page, though hardly does it  justice.  The difference between this project by composer Tatsuya Oe and some other strings-driven electronica is that it is actually composed, and that it clearly uses a live orchestra; the difference is palpable.

Like metal, most electronic music with a classical bent nowadays only contains vague nods or heavy sampling/covering of old classics but each Dark Model piece has been lovingly crafted by Oe and is its own stand-alone work, merging an electronic genre such as dubstep or techno with an original orchestral score.  This may be why this new project sounds so unique, and why each piece has an epic and emotive quality, fit for a blockbuster movie or the opening to some sort of games.  The only real way to experience the power of this project is to listen.

“Dance of Wrath, ” listed in the player above, is the first track on the album which was released on May 16.  It’s the most unique and modern because of its dubstep backing track and heavily metal of those on the album.  Something else Dark Model has that many will recognize right away is a traditional Japanese influence in both method and timbre to these tracks, as is evidenced visually in the album art and in “Fate, ” another techno-driven inspirational tune.

There isn’t much on the eletronic or composed orchestral scenes like Dark Model, which bridges two genres which desperately needed to be introduced to each other and made to shake hands.  The album can be streamed on the project’s SoundCloud page, or purchased on Amazon as mp3 or a physical CD.  Keep up with new releases and news on www.darkmodelmusic.com

CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/darkmodel
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Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Dark-Model/dp/B00KDL9UGQ
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Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dark-Model/dp/B00KDL9UGQ
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Amazon Italy http://www.amazon.it/Dark-Model/dp/B00KDL9UGQ/
Amazon Germany http://www.amazon.de/Dark-Model/dp/B00KDL9UGQ/

By Layla Marino