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Though the punk band Manilow are brand-new, they are taking cues from their classic punk roots in their debut EP,  Cease and Desist.  All of the songs have a very heavy base in 70s punk, and the band take chapters from the mid 80s and early 90s as well.  In a world where punk has been watered down to the point of being pop, Manilow are reminding punk fans of what the genre stands for.

“Missing” is the first track on the EP, and it’s a raucous homage to apathy with a palpable Sex Pistols feel.  Vocalist and guitarist Dean Moston’s voice takes on the cadence of John Lydon’s, but its tone is more similar to that of Joe Strummer.  “Law Here” slows the album down a bit, with a slightly more pensive tone and more melodic guitars, but it still has a spike of original punk that’s quite noticeable.  “Control Issue” and “Vitamins” move a little farther along the punk timeline, with “Control Image” taking on more of an 80s American Punk feel, and “Vitamins” being feedback-driven and a little brooding.

True fans of punk will love Manilow’s new EP for its honesty and adherence to what punk rock stands for.  Even the name “Manilow” is a deliberate attempt to get lost in internet searches, a sort of anti-marketing campaign.  Their lyrics, meanwhile, are sincere and anti-establishment without making a big deal about it.  Cease and Desist can be streamed and purchased on their Bandcamp page via the player above or on itunes for iphone users.

Written by Layla Marino

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