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endand1Formed in 2012 in Brooklyn, EndAnd has been something of a punk juggernaut.  They have released four albums in the last two years, and their most recent Fun Times with Shitty People was recorded in one seven-hour sitting.  Though EndAnd are known for their high-powered and noisy screamcore, their first single off Fun Times with Shitty People,  “Choked on Beer, ” is a little more happier and college rock than some of the other songs on the album.

“Choked on Beer” definitely lands squarely in the genre of punk, but the guitars and the fact that frontman Daniel Fern actually tones down his usual scream to something resembling a melody makes the song feel a little less noisecore.  Lyrically it also seems to be one of the more cheerful songs on the album, but EndAnd always approaches its music with a sense of fun, even when being political or grumpy.


The video for “Choked on Beer” has a cartoonish feel, and shows Fern smiling through his screams, adding to the idea EndAnd is getting at that punk can be hard, noisy, serious and fun.  Fun Times with Shitty People is available for streaming and purchase on EndAnd’s Bandcamp page via the player above.


Written by Layla Marino

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