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Most indie fans tend not to listen to much black metal as it’s pretty far from the genre, but a new project by Kevin Price called Unfathomed of Abyss may change the way indie fans look at metal.  Price’s debut album,  Arise Upon Oblivion,  takes a very different angle towards black metal and brings in other genres in what he calls “avant-garde black metal.”

Arise Upon Oblivion was released in late October and represents the culmination of 13 years of work for Price.  This Texas native wrote, arranged and played all of the tracks on the album.  The only thing not donw by price on this project was the studio drums, which were recorded by Metal Sucks Magazine’s 14th most influential drummer, Kevin Talley. It is obvious from the first track all the way through the album and with his choice of studio drummers that Price is concerned with quality over quantity.Unfathomed-of-Abyssfeatured

Price has taken many cues from black metal, with traditional blast beats and double-kicks on many tracks such as “To Unequal the Balance of the Cosmos” and “To Nothing, ” but there are also many nods to other types of metal such as the goth metal inference of the piano and string interludes in “To Unequal the Balance of the Cosmos” and thrash metal guitar playing in the same track.  Price’s guitar can also find spots of more indie leanings, with some of the work sounding halted and feedback-driven.  His arrangements are also less classically metal than indie, and the introduction of some ambient electronic work might even have some listeners classing parts of the album as “dark ambient, ” a term coined by the infamous Varg Vikernes of Mayhem and later Burzum.

Arisen Upon Oblivion is full of surprises for both metal and indie fans, and is available for streaming and purchase on Unfathomed of Abyss’ Bandcamp page or via the player above.

Written by Layla Marino

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