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Dave Plahen is well-known for his blues/reggae fusion, and has been dazzling audiences with his famous harmonica work for almost 50 years. His newest album, Radio Sister adds a new indie element to the already diverse discography PLahen has produced over his career. The title track on this new album is the most prominent example of this new direction the blues veteran is taking.

Dave Plaehn 147_V2 small 1“Radio Sister” sounds very indie-inspired in part due to Plahen’s roots, which are in reggae. As the track opens, listeners will get a definite flavor of early, “Watching the Detectives”-era Elvis Costello. While Costello and his college radio compatriots have been around since the late 70s and this sound isn’t exactly new, what is new and different is Plahen’s use of a similar musical key and fast, rock-heavy reggae style to merge with blues and jazz. Even Plahen’s soulful Jackson Browne-like vocals take on a different key in this song, and overall it shows his ability to be diverse and pick up ideas from anywhere. The new style in Dave Plahen’s most recent album is likely to gain him an even wider audience due to his seamless genre blending.

All of the tracks on Dave Plahen’s new album,  Radio Sister,  are available for stream and purchase on his Bandcamp page. He is also one half of the Plahen-Hino Blues band, and fans who enjoy the blusier side of Plahen’s music can find more at the Plahen Hino Blues Band’s website.

Written by Layla Marino

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