The music news you need to know from the week of Jan. 26.

What’s Your Age Again? Stop Acting Like Children, Blink-182: There’s been a whole lot of drama going on between Blink members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker verses guitarist Tom DeLonge. Hoppus and Barker announced his departure on Monday, which apparently was news to DeLonge. Hoppus and Barker claim DeLonge quit while DeLonge says “nuh uh.” Either way looks like Blink-182 is now a duo.

Swifty Gets Hacked And Then Goes Copyright Crazy: Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked. And given that Swift has the fourth largest Twitter following ever, it’s kind of a big deal. At least she had a sense of humor about it: “Hackers gonna hack hack hack hack hack.” She, however, does not have a sense of humor about people hijacking her “signature” phrases from album 1989. She’s trademarked lyrics like “This Sick Beat, ” and “Party Like It’s 1989.” So don’t go selling any embroidered bath towels with, “Nice to Meet You. Where You Been?”

Justice for Sly Stone: A few years ago the front man of the first fully integrated band, Sly & the Family Stone, was living out of van, Rolling Stone reports. But it looks like he’ll be able to afford more luxurious accommodations. The funk crooner known for hits like “Everyday People” and “Dance to the Music” was awarded a cool $5 million after being cheated out of 10 years worth of royalties.

Rapper for Mayor: 2 Chainz plans to make a bid for Mayor in his hometown of College Park, GA. We’re wondering what his campaign speeches will consist of given his enlightening song lyrics like, “Dressed to impress, snow on my chest/I don’t like her if she got a fro between her legsfrom “Wut We Doin?” and “All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe, ” on “Birthday Song.”

Song of the Week: Only You “The Pressure”Only You AKA Rachel Fannan dropped two tunes this week. We like “The Pressure” best as it commences with a one minute instrumental intro that feels like it could come straight out of an old timey Western flick before dominating with heavily reverbed vocals that soar into a dramatic wail.

Video of the Week: Dirty Dishes “Thank You Come Again”
If you like to watch people eating donuts, a girl with a fake mustache flipping the bird repeatedly, or a sad dude pouring milk over his head, this is the video for you.