twin-limb-zanzabar2Unconventional Kentucky indie group Twin Limb seems to only have one track available to listen or view online, and it’s a doozie. Despite the band having been formed by Maryliz Bender and Laycie Guthrie in 2013 (they added percussionist Kevin Ratterman in 2014) and a rigorous tour schedule throughout February and March, the trio seem confident in their one recorded track to date, “Long Shadow, ” and well they should be.

Self-described as “psychedelic folk, ” Twin Limb use a variety of techniques to achieve their interesting and Americana-tinged version of dream pop. Echo effects, accordion, and most importantly Benter and Guthrie’s beautifully layered vocals merge with Ratterman’s electronic samples to create a unique sound that is part Jefferson Airplane, part circus organ grinder and all emotion and beauty.

“Long Shadow” is at once simplistic and a cacophony, and a YouTube video of the group’s performance of the song appears on their website to demonstrate just how they put together this interesting and one-of-a-kind sound. With the song only having gone up on Soundcloud last month and the video following close behind, fans may wonder how quickly the group will release its next single. Here’s hoping it’s very soon, as this trio will certainly have fans on the edge of their seats.

Live shows promise to be just as beautiful and evocative as this hopefully first of many singles, and fans can check tour dates on Twin Limb’s website as they wait impatiently for the next release.


Written by Layla Marino

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