Sir Cadian Rhythm promo 2Ever wonder what would happen if Incubus crashed into a big band jazz concert? Perhaps not, but Long Island band Sir Cadian Rhythm have done just that with their self-titled EP, released in early February. In fact, there are  lots more styles on the album than first meet the eye, and this up-and-coming group have thus created a fusion of genres which is unexpected yet highly fun.

This EP was produced very quickly given the level of complexity it shows up with. The band went into the studio in late fall 2014, and the EP was released by February. It’s likely that Sir Cadian Rhythm recorded even more songs than are on the album and just picked their favorites. Rather than having a central theme, this debut EP seems as though it is meant to be a cross-section of the group’s multi-faceted style. This technique can oftentimes backfire on an over-ambitious band, but in this case Sir Cadian Rhythm have chosen the prefect cross-section and laid it out in perfect sequence.

There are five tracks on the album, beginning with “Flood of XIV, ” a punkish, Incubus-like rock ballad, and ending with a softer, jazz-infused song which showcases all the talents of all Sir Cadian Rhythm’s members and sounds a bit like late Sting. In between the styles that come up are many and varied; jazz, 90s alternative a’la Red Hot Chili Peppers, 80s funk, et cetera. The two constants are lead singer Jack Weppler’s Brandon Boyd-like vocals and the quality of the rest of the group’s musicianship.

Sir Cadian Rhythm are definitely doing something that no one else is attempting in music these days, and with this unlikely mashup of styles, it’s a pleasant surprise that it works so well. This is truly an interesting an different album, and here’s hoping Sir Cadian Rhythm come out with a full-length album soon. In the meantime, the album can be streamed or downloaded on the band’s Bandcamp site by clicking on the player below, Spotify or itunes.. A few extra tracks are also available on their Soundcloud page, and they’ve posted some fun mashup cover videos on Youtube.

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Written by Layla Marino

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