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Zorg Entertainment released its newest ios game in February called AG Drive. It’s a futuristic rocket car race game, so of course it will need a very futuristic soundtrack to go with it. Nowadays the release of video game soundtracks is just as hotly anticipated as blockbuster movie soundtracks. The AG Drive Soundtrack, however, it probably the first to feature 14 fully formed tracks which are released and the artists who made them named.

AriTunes Records put this soundtrack together, and it not only features some famous EDM producers and composers, but it names and gives credit to all the artists who worked on the project. Ari Pulkkinen of AriTunes was the artist who put together the soundtrack. He has worked on numerous other video games like Angry Birds, Dead Nation and Super Stardust HD. He decided to put together and release the album because, as he puts it, “(music is)…music is ”the biggest emotional aspect of any game.” To have all  these emotive songs in one place is a way for gamers and music lovers alike to enjoy the songs outside of the game setting.

The album is largely digital music or EDM, and opens with the very gamey-sounding “AG Drive” theme, which players would possibly skip over while trying to get to the other aspects of the game. Here it is featured in full and it is a beautiful song with many changing aspects and elements. The next song is an electro/dubstep mashup called “They Call Me Speed, ” clearly the theme song of one of the characters in the game. “Delta Course” is the next song by the well-known Domestic Machine Movement, and it is also a sort of dubstep/electro medley. This song is most AG-Drive_press_cover1likely played during one of the levels on the game.

The songs on the album are all complete and finished in a way that many gamers would not have heard them before, but most people who have become involved with AG Drive will recognize most or all of them. Non-gamers will appreciate these songs as individual EDM tracks worthy of the dancefloor. The AG Drive Soundtrack is available to stream on AriTunes’ Soundcloud page along with many of the soundtracks for other games which Pulkkinen has also posted.

Written by Layla Marino
Blog: (Dropping) Weird Science
Twitter: @dropweirdsci