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what the festivalNBC has dubbed What the Festival as The “Millennial Generation’s Woodstock”. With A lush outdoor setting , this 18 and over electronic music event hosts 5, 000 people in Tygh County, Oregon. Each general admission ticket comes with a “walk-in” camping pass and accommodating amenities aimed towards upgrades. Described as a well organized festival with great food vendors and an excellent vibe, it is home to the biggest disco ball in the United States. Get your hallucinogens ready (but hide them well – searches are thorough!).

The lineup is predominantly electronic, with well known headliners like Big Gigantic, Odesza, Griz and Tokimonsta. Genres are across the board including house, trap, glitch, dubstep, techno, ambient and bass in general. The most anticipated fan favorites remain Big Gigantic (glitchy dubstep with live sax), Griz (Synthy techno with funky and jazzy samples), Sweater Beats (soul house with trappy beats and great r&b hooks), Two Fresh (Trap, bass, glitchy techno with big builds), PRSN (glitchy trap with both dancehall and dub reggae flair), and Ellie Harring (dark trap with slow builds and deep bass). Fans of house should check Nordic Soul, Lane 8, and Sister City. For more modern 8-bit soundscapes, Wave Racer or Octaban should be more than satisfying. Acts not to be missed are The Funkhunters with Chali2na (of J5) as well as Rob Garza (Theivery Corporation).

What the Festival rests on a gorgeous stretch of land called Wolf Run Ranch. From the looks of it, the main attraction is the Splash Stage. One of 5 stages total, situated in front of what has been touted as the largest temporary wading pool in history. Hop on a floaty or shake your ass down the catwalk to a diverse line up of artists. If the music isn’t enough, plenty of other accommodations include a spa, hookah lounge and guided movement classes. If you don’t know about Silent Frisco – get familiar. Two dj’s spin side by side as their music feeds through different channels into the head phones of ecstatic listeners. Watch dance movements change along with a wave of colored light as indicators on the headphones reveal which dj each participant is listening to. The natural surroundings are enhanced with art, creating an enchanted forest, with lighted installations that become more interactive the deeper you move into the trees. Don’t miss out on this full sensory experience, it’s bound to be a crazy party.








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