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“Experimental, ” despite its broad definition, seems somehow to have been pinned down in recent years. Artists like John Parnell and his project 061180 seek to blow apart that niche with a different and more layered approach to experimental electronic music, and it starts with actual experiments. Pulse technique combines the science of sound and the soul of music to bring some very interesting results. Parnell’s new album under the moniker 061180 uses his pulse tones to create the more expected muted electronic tones of experimental music, but also sounds similar to rock, ambient and even breakcore songs.

I’m Considering Being a Cloud Rev. Queen Daddy are the first two full albums Parnell has done since creating the 061180 project in 2013. With some songs interconnected to tell muted sounbd stories which leave the listener guessing and other, more stand alone tracks which more closely resemble songs, 061180this album has a little something for both scientist and music lover. Openers “Fiction” and “A Farm in the Dessert” fall into this first category, while tracks like “Home Bird III” and “Eat Your Makeup” are punched, poignant and loud, providing a contrast for the largely ambient intro and outro songs. No matter what your preference, the range of sounds Parnell is able to coax out of his electronic pulses and tones is impressive.

With his intersting take on pulse technique and his ability to shatter the conventions of experimental music, 061180 is poised to redefine the genre. Hopefully this re-defining will take it back to something more fluid, where music nerds play with sound to ultimately create songs which can be appreciated on both musical and scientific levels. I’m Considering Being a Cloud is available to stream now on 061180’s Bandcamp page along with Parnell’s many other releases.

Written by Layla Marino
Blog: (Dropping) Weird Science
Twitter: @dropweirdsci