What the Festival stands up to the media hype 100%. Many a seasoned festie has compared it to an easier, cleaner version of Burning man. Entry onto the dusty grounds was easy and the camping area had the perfect amount of trees for shade and sunshine. The layout had a good flow and there was plenty of space to move about, even with more attendees than last year.

My favorite dj overall was Librarian. She brought the bass with smooth transitions, dance moves, and a big smile. Besides her booty moving set, I saw Two Fresh, Sabota, Eprom, Griz, The Funk Hunters w/ Chali2na, Jpod, Big Gigantic, Rob Garza, Manatee Commune, Thomas Jack, Slow Magic, Odesza, Manoj, and Iamnobodi blending beats with Insightful and Whooligan.

The set that surprised me the most was Slow Magic. Don’t let the name fool you. His flashing neon fox mask was seizure worthy and he performed high-energy tunes, banging out crazy beats on two floor tom drums while playing a flawless, heavy mix.

One surprise that wasn’t so pleasant was the Funkhunters. They delivered some drum and bass tracks that made the crowd go wild, but their transitions were bumpy and disjointed. And not in a cool, glitchy way. Thankfully, Chali2na held it together with his excellent rap delivery and engaging stage presence.

Between sets, there was a lot to do. There were dance and yoga classes all day, tea ceremonies at Shinto a Go Go, and hookah smoking at Casbah Hooka Lounge. The food carts were great and the vendors were well liked by my friends, especially Buddhaful clothing.

I’m relatively new to the edm scene and at first it seemed super corny to me. I must admit that the music, costumes and especially the welcoming and expressive fans of this genre have grown on me. I can’t wait for my next festival experience and hope to return to WTF next year.

photos by: Shalanna Morales