Hotel Cafe played host to an unforgettable night that can only be described as intimate nostalgia. Seattle based rock group Candlebox made a rare appearance before a limited audience, which featured acoustic guitars and a baby grand. Lead singer Kevin Martin quickly established a friends and family ambiance with spectators, providing back-stories from each song and insight on Seattle’s grunge scene of the nineties. With a discography that spans five albums, the set list covered popular hits with a few hidden gems as an exclusive. ‘Cover Me’ ignited the night with a soft serenade that exposed the three-piece set onto brighter lights.

Every song was accompanied with trivial commentary that Martin disclosed, both personal and comical stories. Aside from performing before the troops in Iraq, small engagements were a close second on the scale of concerts and appearances. Martin’s relationships expanded from Alice In Chain’s lead singer Layne Staley and dedicating the song ‘Remain’ in his honor. Nirvana and Pearl Jam made note worthy mentions as peer influences during pauses. Also disclosed was Martin’s early hatred towards singing, stating drumming was his passion until obvious events placed him as a front man with a new found outlet.

Shifting back two decades, Martin shared his first performance in Los Angeles while touring, Club Lingerie. During his time travel to the early nineties, Mother Love Bone received a strong acknowledgement for their influence in grunge and Seattle bands in general. While closing the night, ‘Far Behind’ evolved into unison participation with the crowd, citing Pearl Jam as the influence for the hit single. Candlebox continues to deliver and excel as a group. Small venues or major festivals still manage to receive the same magnitude. With three confirmed dates in Louisiana and Minnesota, the Hollywood hidden appearance became a special token for fans present to keep in their memory banks.