New York City was the background to the biggest dance party on Monday when Ingrid Michaelson brought her tour to Summerfest. Secret Someones came on the stage first; a four piece composed of three females and a male drummer. (Fun Fact: one of the girls used to be in Ingrid’s band.) Loaded with synths, melodic harmonies and lots of poppy undertones, it is no doubt when their album drops on September 18th of this year, many people will be blasting it in their cars on long drives. “Here First” is said to be coming on the album, and the sound is similar to Walk The Moon.

Next up was the three-piece, Jukebox the Ghost. They had an amazing stage presence and were open to the audience. The audience was engaged because the boys treated it as a conversation. Their songs create a sense of nostalgia, similar to an old friend who is welcoming you home.

Ingrid Michaelson who is a New York native said that she wished that this would be the last date of her tour, because this is home. Michaelson was playing to a sold-out crowd, all who seemed thrilled and delighted that she was there. Similar to Jukebox the Ghost, Michaelson treated her time with the audience as a conversation that one would have with a friend.

Ingrid is a very versatile vocalist. She has a powerhouse belt that can knock one to their knees, but she also has the ability to sing ballads and glide through notes so effortlessly that one can’t help but feel a little jealous. Through her movements and voice, she was able to captivate the audience and take them on a journey with her. Along with her to tell the story were her band mates, who she took the time to highlight throughout the night.

It was a show filled with laughter, lots of dancing from the crowd, and even a few tears from Michaelson, who reassured everyone they were tears of appreciation. The set was felt like something that you would see in a movie, everyone was dancing and singing and clapping along because Ingrid made sure the entire audience was engaged. It was a night that no one wanted to end; when Michaelson left the stage, the audience immediately began shouting for the encore. Michaelson happily obliged and left the audience with a few more songs to dance to before it was time for everyone to head home.

Photos by: Jude Valentin