singledropsLuca Bash, the composer and vocalist behind the Italian duo CMYK, has just released a new EP. Single Drops is a compilaion of Bash and his partner Giova Pes’ previous four EPs plus a new song called “Your Tomorrow.” The EP is meant to celebrate the huge accomplishment of releasing four unique EPs in less than one year. The duo have picked their favorites from each EP; Key Black, Yellow, Cyan and Magenta for this unique release.

With a simple acoustic base, Pes adds ornamentation to Bash’s comnpositions with his lead guitar to help define the duo’s uplifting folkish style. A sort of fusion between latin-inspired guitar and country Americana, their guitar style is unique, especially for two provincial Ialians.

Lyrically, Bash tends to pair his sweet and soaring melodies with rather dark and bleak subject matter. He admits that he has always had an attraction to the underside of life and society. His vocals tend towards an indie rock feel, but he manages to balance it well with the acoustic folk guitars. Similarly there is a balance between the positive-sounding, uplifting guitars and more pessimistic lyrics. Balance seems to be the name of Lucs Bash’s game and he does it masterfully.

“Your Tomorrow” is the only brand-new track on Single Drops. It follows Bash and Pes’ usual song structure – a simple acoustic melody with Pes adding more complex sounds. Both Bash and Pes play very cleanly and Bash is able to keep up with Pes’ ornamentation. Bash’s vocals on this track are a little more folkish than some of his other work, but he is still able to convey the subtle emotions in his vocals. The lyrics, again, are a balance within themselves. Discussing pessimism versus optimism and finding a balance between reaching for goals and being realistic, “Your Tomrrow” is thus one of Bash’s less bleak ventures to-date.

Luca Bash, as a songwriting veteran, has won a number of accolades in his native country of Italy, and now he is also becoming more recognizable internationally as well. With his subtle balance of light and dark, folk and indie, he and gifted guitarist Giova Pes have a bright future ahead of them especially given the rate at which they are able to release material. Stream Single Drops in its entirety on Luca Bash’s Soundcloud Page and be sure to check out videos for all the tracks from the EP on his Youtube page.


Written by Layla Marino
Blog: (Dropping) Weird Science
Twitter: @dropweirdsci