An old school gangsta rap fantasy took place at the Staples Center last week. Ice Cube gathered MC Ren and DJ Yella for an N.W.A. reunion for The BET Experience event. It was kind of expected that Dr Dre would not be apart of the reunion, so this can be considered a semi-reunion. That did not stop Ice Cube from seizing the opportunity to give hip hop heads what they have been waiting for. It has been 26 years since the legendary gangsta rap group hit the stage together and Ice Cube promised they, “Were going to rock this shit with no problem.” This also happens to be Ice Cube’s first time performing at the Staples Center.

With Ice Cube’s energetic presence this reunion was surely memorable. The reunion justly started with their song, Chin Check which features fellow West Coast notable Snoop Dogg. Ice Cube and MC Ren began to take the stage as DJ Yella got busy on the turntables. It was destined to hear smash hits from their greatest album, Straight Outta Compton. They pleasantly performed some of their best classics, Straight Outta Compton, 8 Ball and their forever infamous track, Fuck Tha Police.

Fuck Tha Police started off with Ice Cube jumping out of the front seat of a police car spitting it’s virtuous start off, Fuck the police coming straight from the underground!” Luckily BET was not beasting about N.W.A. performing this track, with all the current controversy about police brutality. In the background played footage of past police brutality attacks, the progressive protests, and the most recent incidents of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

“We want you to rock with us while we give it up to the homie Eazy E !”

The surviving members of N.W.A. paid tribute to the Godfather of gangsta rap, the late Eazy E. As N.W.A.’s lead rapper and co-founder Eazy E’s influence to the group and hip hop culture was one of a kind. The tribute involved a montage of exclusive images and clips of the late emcee, made by DJ Yella. As Eazy E’z smash solo debut Boyz-n-the-Hood played, Ice Cube and MC Ren respectfully did not rap over Eazy’s parts. When you are paying homage it is best to allow the craft of the honoree be absorbed. The spirit of Eazy E was at large.

Despite the absence of Dr. Dre and the late Eazy E, this N.W.A. reunion was satisfying for the old school gangsta rap lovers. The promotion for the N.W.A.biopic Straight Outta of Compton was in heavy rotation as they played the trailer after Ice Cube’s solo performance. Hip Hop heads also got a treat by seeing Ice Cube’s son, Oshea Jackson Jr take over the mic for his dad’s banger Dopeman. There is nothing like seeing the phenomenally most dangerous rap group of hip hop history come together and take it back to authentic times.