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Ajay Mathur is an interesting hybrid, both cuturally and musically. He was born in India and is now based out of Switzerland, but his music is largely steeped in Americana. This singer/songwriter released his newest album, called 9 to 3 in May, and it is already attracting lots of attention for its slightly quirky take on American country folk.

“Nothing Really Matters” is a great example of the cheeky, slightly pyschedelic folk music thatgained Mathur a loyal following on his previous ventures,  2011’s A Matter of Time and Come, See, Conquer, released in 2013. The track opens with a classic rock-style quitar and oddly placed bongos. Mathur’s indieish, slightly off-key vocals cut through the rather uncharacteristically emotional lyrics with a hint of irony. Dumathurdingusring the chorus, the guitars take on an indie tone to compliment Mathur’s vocals in another of this song’s surprising turns.

9 to 3, like Ajay Mathur’s entire body of work, is a hodgepodge of surpising style mashups, playful musical experimentation and varied subject matter. The diversity of Mathur’s background once again lends itself to his music in what is sure to be another successful album. 9 to 3 is available to stream and purchase on Ajay Mathur’s Bandcamp page.

Written by Layla Marino

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