nocarrierGerman darkwave producer Chris Wirsig moved his group no:carrier to San Francisco in 2001, and since then he has been fascinated with California and the American West Coast.  Ghosts of the West Coast features covers of three modern Cali-centric songs: Don Henly’s “The Boys of Summer, ” Belinda Carlisle’s “California” and Tony Carey’s “Room With a View” as well as an Irish traditional called “She Moved Through the Fair.”

This week no:carrier is releasing the first video off this haunting EP of covers, and Ellewood-EP has the United States premiere! This darkwave cover of Don Henley’s classic “The Boys of Summer” is Wirsig’s twisted twist through the prism of his self-dubbed “electro noir” style. It features Audio Terrorist singer Kalib DuArte on vocals.

The new video is shot in a film noir style, to compliment this haunting, industrialised “electro noir” version of the 80s rock classic. And now, the U.S. premiere of “The Boys of Summer” by no:carrier:


For more information on no:carrier, visit their website. To stream or purchase all the haunting, dystopian covers on their exciting new album Ghosts of the West Coast, go to the no:carrier Bandcamp page, and follow them on Twitter @nocarriermusic.

Written by Layla Marino

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