The Studio at Webster Hall in NYC was packed as much as it could be on Saturday night when William Beckett took the stage. William Beckett is on tour as support right now with Aaron Gilespie, and is scheduled to play Riot Fest later this year with his band The Academy Is.

The band broke up in late 2011 and the news of their reunion show at Riot Fest in Chicago sent all of their fans into a frenzy. Beckett mentioned at this show that the band will play the 2005 album “Almost Here” in its entirety.

Beckett played at least two The Academy Is songs during his set, and the general feel of the crowd was one of excitement and nostalgia. Beckett’s voice fills a room, and he truly doesn’t need a microphone but it does enhance his musical abilities. He is comfortable on a stage and it’s obvious that he’s been doing this for a very long time, Beckett would later say that he’s been a touring musician for a decade now.

The crowd in New York City was beautiful, and they served as Beckett’s own personal back up choir. After he played the first The Academy Is song for the night, he told the crowd that he was in love with them.

“Music is what we needed to survive… and we still need it, here’s to music fans guys.” Beckett said towards the end of his set when he mentioned the true purpose of this tour. He said that he wanted to bring music back to a human level, to have a connection with one another, because that’s why people fall in love with music in the first place.

The mission was accomplished by the time that Beckett finished his set. The crowd yelled so loudly to the last song that the people upstairs could probably hear them. It definitely was a night to remember. Cheers to the music scene.