American rock group Ours made their way East Coast for a stop at the Studio in Webster Hall. Supported by Saddle Brook School of Rock, Waldwick School of Rock and Road Recovery Foundation, the musical movement drifted towards a positive reinforcement about the future youth of tomorrows aspiring talents. Lead singer kicked off a seventy-minute set-list that featured classic tracks spanning two decades and also material off their latest effort. The musical talent the band projects as a unit goes without mention with every performance, ranging from long blaring screams to soft lullabies and head twirling action. Yet with years of experience and knowledge they continue to reinvigorate their live shows with an unlimited supply of creativity and individuality.

Although the crowd space was pressing capacity limits, the audience continued through the night unaffected and on par with every note performed. The six-piece act appeared confined on stage in terms of mobility, but that didn’t stop Gnecco from inviting a few younger faces that performed earlier onto the stage, claiming positions on guitar and vocals as he stood aside to share the spot light. ‘The show must go on’ sometimes loses its value in terms of how its displayed, but Ours invoked the famous quote by receiving a thunderous display of support from the audience as Gnecco’s microphone cord came undone causing everyone in attendance to provide the remainder of the song as he jumped behind the microphone stand stage right.

Courage, faith and admiration filled the air briefly as Gnecco addressed Caitlyn Jenner for the hardship and inner struggle she overcame and many in similar positions face daily. Indifferences arrive in different formats yet self-motivation and support help overcome large adversaries. The positive reinforcements that extended onto the crowd set up a massive chorus participation for ‘Meet Me In The Tower’, which helped conclude the program.

Hoboken, New Jersey is set to host the next Ours performance August 7 . As of present time, no further dates have been confirmed.