liz“When I rule the world, then I’m gonna make you work, ” barks Soundcloud starlet LIZ on her latest single. It’s unclear whether the line refers the ambitious roles she’s taking on, or that she simply wants to make us all dance; either way she’s doing a great job on both. “When I Rule the World, ” released July 17th, follows up the artist’s Just Like You EP of yesteryear, a throwback to the sound of 90’s R&B with some updated production. The new single is a collaboration with enigma producer extraordinaire SOPHIE and a bit of a new direction in sound, but both their names are mononymous and in all caps, so you know this will be good. The song was originally used in an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S6, and fans have been waiting for the full version since.

LIZ trades bouncy verses with the production, which sounds like what best can be described as the sonic equivalent of elastic metal. It’s a classic SOPHIE combination: tightly coiled sounds and animated beats that eventually give way to frothy sweet synths. On top of it all, the singer faux-raps lines like “I can be your daddy and you’re gonna make me proud / If you don’t you’ll be bound and thrown in the doghouse.” It’s easy to see the two artists mean business and are very adamant about being in charge.

SOPHIE is onto something amazing right now, having already collaborated with pop stars Madonna and Nicki Minaj on their latest banger of a single. LIZ is exploring new territory herself getting in touch with the producer, and the collaboration is clearly successful. In a post-EDM world, it’s exciting to see this inventive, PC Music-influenced electronic subgenre become more prevalent amongst mainstream audiences and producers, allowing it to expand to become even more adventurous. If you’re new to this universe, “When I Rule the World” is a great first step in the door.

“When I Rule the World” is available for download on iTunes now. You can find all of LIZ’s music, her social media links, and free downloads of select songs on her SoundCloud.