Oli Horton, better known as producer Dreamtrak, has been slowly rising on the scene with various singles that’s been capturing the attention of dance music fans everywhere. The second part of his track “Odyssey” is one of his best yet, an innovative track that features shuffling minimalist deep house beats that sways audiences onto the dance floor before flourishing into a Europop synth that could fit well on any mainstream producer’s album.

A.G. Cook, who’s been making inventive remixes of everyone from How To Dress Well to Charli XCX and Rita Ora, takes it all a step further on his reimagining of Dreamtrak’s song. The label head of PC Music makes the dark icy original version into something a lot more summery and fit for your favorite EDM festival. The more minimal, moody prototype comes alive with the addition of brighter synths that bring in a much needed dose of energy, and a vocal performance that includes chopped distorted vocals and an animated faux-speak rap. This is no credit to Dreamtrak’s talent however: the best artists still need the right material to work with, and it’s the London-based producer’s blueprint that gives A.G. a canvas to paint his sonic interpretation of a summer paradise.

Be sure to check out Dreamtrak and A.G. Cook on Soundcloud, which features all of their songs and remixes, as well as links to their social media accounts to stay connected on their latest happenings.