tumblr_ngur2weoW81u1lpwho1_1280Fans were long waiting for a follow up to indie pop band Chromatics’ 2012 effort, Kill For Love, and with their upcoming record Dear Tommy being continuously delayed and pushed back, it’s hard to tell when they’re going to be quenched. However, the official lead single, “Just Like You, ” that was released in February still retains it’s replay value and effect.

“Just Like You” is neither a departure nor a mere repeat of their previous releases, the quiet vocals, lush atmospheric landscape and melodies all paint a picture that is uniquely and recognizably Chromatics. Ruth Radelet sounds enchanting per usual with breathy, nonchalant alto vocals as Adam Miller provides haunting background vocalizations. All these elements come together harmoniously to create a bittersweet slow burn, one of their best singles yet and a sure companion to melancholy slow drives down the highway at night. Even the artwork is excellent, an apple shrouded by hazy darkness brings to mind iconography of the forbidden fruit, or possibly even Snow White’s poisoned apple.

“Nobody watches us,

Deep inside a death machine maze,

They’re trying to make it through the night.”

The best thing about this dark synth track? It was generously released as a free download, still available on producer Johnny Jewel’s SoundCloud, so be sure to snatch that up as we wait to find out if the band has actually determined what the actual release date for Dear Tommy will be, as well as if they have any planned tour dates to come.