11694121_894114050675979_2380279639546660552_nRecording artist Empress Of, the alias of Lorely Rodriguez, is readying her debut album Me to drop September 11th. An artist’s first full-length statement to the world is always exciting, but the stakes are even higher knowing that the entirety of the effort has been fully recorded, written, and produced, by the bilingual Spanish-American herself.

“Kitty Cat” is the follow up to Me’s rabid lead single “Water Water, ” and was inspired by recording sessions in Mexico where cat-calling was an unrelenting issue. The sounds are noticeably more focused this time around, yet still amps up the roaring energy of the previous release. Lyrically she bluntly slaps away come-ons from unwanted men: “Don’t kitty, kitty cat me like I’m just your pussy.” Around her are crashing synth noises and dubstep-laden robostomps, the sounds create an image of frustration and short-temperament at her wooers. Despite the aggressive sonic palette, Rodriguez’s voice remains calm as if she’s in the eye of a hurricane, however with the occasional piercing falsetto that punctuates her dissent. The final product is a fairly short (clocking in at only 2:26), but effective and feminist takedown of incessant wolf-whistling and objectification.

Empress Of is a promising newcomer that already has a clear idea of who she is and what she wants to represent. Stay up to date on her tracks on her SoundCloud here which contains links to her social media account, and make sure to catch her on tour this fall that will hit many stops throughout the U.S. and Europe. Empress Of isn’t slowing down for anyone, it’s up to you to catch up.