Imagine Dragons performance at the Tacoma Dome on Friday July 31st was a show stopping musical performance at it very best. The group began their show with the very catchy, “Shots” and Dan Reynolds high-energy performance was intoxicating and indeed, the audience appreciated every second of it. “Shots” seems to be all over the airwaves right now and to start the show off with that song is very brave. Where do you go from there? Right into “Trouble” and the timeless teenage anthem, “It’s Time”.

Imagine Dragons is beyond reviewable, they are so good and such pros. Each member of the band knows what’s coming next and they work together as if they are one person. Their songs are monster hits, “Radioactive ” practically brought the Dome down and the concertgoers loved every minute their performance. This is a band that will stand the test of time, kids love them as well as adults.