Metric played the Tacoma Dome on Friday, July 31st and for being in the indie-music business for 15 years their experience and performance sure did leave everyone in the audience only wanting more. Seattle has always been good to Metric, as Emily Haines said, radio satiations like 107.7 The End, have been big supporters of Metric since the beginning. Emily Haines vocals were astounding and her dancing and positive vibes were endearing and most of all contagious. They love performing, “Stadium Love” proved it and the audience responded with singing and hanging on every word the lead singer spoke between songs.

Emily connected with the crowd as if she knew every one of them. She preached to them like a veteran rock star, about finding your “thing” and sticking to it. James Shaw, lead guitar, broke out from behind and rocked the stadium with powerful guitar playing skills, you could tell he enjoyed playing the “Dome”. His skills with his axe are more than impressive and no doubt he is a contender to be one of the best guitarists on the planet.

Overall. this was an awesome show. Never for one second could anyone ask for anything more solid from musicians. They are talented, original and thank God, they have stuck to their sound and not sold out. This band is a must-see and their music evolves with each album and tour.