kiravell1Relative musical newcomer Kiravell has settled in San Diego after over a decade of travelling. Though she worked with music in her youth, Kiravell has finally released her first full-length album, Vaudevellia!, after a health scare grounded her travels and made her want to express all the lessons she’s learned on her travels.

Vaudevellia! is a fun, jazzy album musically with some very strong messages lyrically. The opening track “Pache Mama” features an unconventional composition style and proves Kiravell’s writing chops through spoken word-style lyrics initially and then more as an on-beat rap towards the end to go with the bossa nova basslines and piano melody.

The piano on “Pache Mama” will likely become a signature of Kiravells, as it is unique, heavy-handed and uncomplicated. In “Pache Mama, ” the piano melody toggles between a minimalist, calliope-like jazz and the brighter, more syncopated bossa nova jazz. Lyrically, the song is meant to convey a message of peace and talk about the joys and foils of love, humanity, and Kiravell’s clear concern for the earth. She does this with free-form spoken word vocals and more on-beat rap style vocals as well. “Peace Mama (translated)” here, is meant as a plea for both humanity and for the earth to calm down and try to find peace within the chaos and difficulty of the modern world.

“Pache Mama, ”as the first song she released on Vaudevellia!, instantly shows the diversity and creativity Kiravell is capable of. Kiravell is clearly on her way to making a big impact on the indie music scene. Kiravell’s debut is available to stream or buy on Bandcamp and she also has a number of videos on her Youtube page as well as unique album art and some thoughts on each song on her website.


Written by Layla Marino

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