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Rimi Basu is attempting a very difficult endeavor by trying to marry traditional Indian music with Western jazz, indie and even electronic/rave style. She’s released two EPs in sequence,  The Unveiling and Crossing OverThe Unveiling,  released in March,  was meant to introduce Rimi’s unique brand of east/west fusion to the pop worlds on both sides of the Pacific. Crossing Over released just last month and shows a more complete fusion of the two styles with songs like the EP’s lead track, “Nesha Nesha.”

With “Nesha Nesha, ” Rimi pulls out all the stops and employs multiple western genres, rimi1including soul, pop, indie rock and even rap. The eastern elements are Rimi’s beautiful and haunting vocals which also incorporate indie-style harmonics a’la Tori Amos or Kate Bush. The soulful bass and drum elements may remind listeners of Sade. Tabla drums ornament the largely smooth jazz backing track, and when Rimi comes to the rap section of the song which, incidentally, is in English, her voice is still subtle and smooth.

“Nesha Nesha” is Rimi’s east/west fusion dream realized to the height of its potential. This lead Crossing Over single leans a little bit western, but its use of Indian techniques will appeal to her eastern fans’ sensibilities as well. Both The Unveiling and Crossing Over are available to stream or purchase on Rimi’s Bandcamp page. She has also just released a sexy, pop music video on her Youtube channel.

Written by Layla Marino

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