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Unconventional metal/industrial group The Unravelling is slowly but surely gearing up to take over those two genres once again after a four-year hiatus. “Master Drone” is the second single the duo, consisting of vocalist/lyricist Steve Moore and guitarist/producer Gustavo DeBeauville, has released since re-forming earlier this year.

While The Unravelling’s first single since their extended break, “Revolt” leaned more industrial than fans may have been used to, “Master Drone” is more of a return to form for DeBeauville, who has continued to produce and saved material for the eventual return of Steve Moore. Moore’s unexpected health issues caused the project to be sidelined after the success of The Unravelling’s first full album, 13 Arcane Hymns in 2010.

Steve Moore’s health might have waned for a bit, but his vocals and lyrics are as strong as ever unravellinglogoon “Master Drone.” His powerful voice a cross between Maynard from Tool and Richard Patrick of Filter and conveys with the appropriate ferocity his expertly-crafted lyrics deriding the trappings of conventional success in life.

Both the metal and the industrial scenes are happy to see The Unravelling return to the spotlight, and it’s clear that DeBeauville and Moore are ecstatic to be working together again. Fans will also be happy to know that all of The Unravelling’s new releases, including “Master Drone, ” are available for free download on their Bandcamp page.

Written by Layla Marino

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