When Ducktails took the floor on Friday night at the Bowery Ballroom, the crowd had finally filled in and the floor was full, both the downstairs and the upstairs area. People began to push a little more towards the front once the lights were dimmed and the guys came on the stage. The general scene was a chill one; everyone was there for the music, so everyone was generally very supportive of one another, there was various head bobbing and dance moves throughout Ducktails’ set.

Psychedelic rock is the most concise way to describe Ducktails music, but it is much more than that. Their music has a kaleidoscopic feel to it with an equal balance of instrumental solos and vocals. Also a great balance between their drum and guitar melodies, no one instrument was more powerful than another. Their songs flowed into one another without there being much notice for the pauses between the songs.

A true sign of an artist is being able to create this sense of resonation with the audience. Ducktails’ music creates this feeling of striking a memory deep inside of the crevices of one’s brain that they might have forgotten about; nostalgia for places one has been, and wanderlust for places that one wishes to go.