Even English singer/songwriter Lucy Rose’s name has a ring to it that recalls something earthy and organic. Not because of the existence of actual acoustic guitars or that somehow being folk makes an artist more “real” than another, but because of the direct way her songwriting skills can strike a chord within a listener. Like the

“Like An Arrow” follows a more traditionally pop form of songwriting, using basic metaphors and structure to convey emotion instead of aiming for the Nashville school of storytelling, a bit of a turn from what’s typically expected of folk artists. The simplicity of the lyrics in itself contribute to the poignancy of the song, there’s no enigmatic artsy-fartsyness to it all, it’s a straight-up love song with nothing to have to figure out: “When you’re gone my vision’s hazy / Cause I was made for you / We were made by two.” Easy as that. Rose’s voice has a quality akin to a gentle breeze to it, with falsetto that floats over the bright and happy instrumentation and carries the melody effortlessly whether the track only features barely-there strumming or a full-bodied instrumentation. The smile-inducing song is a welcome addition to playlists made for rainy day cuddling, or dancing with a loved one when the sun is shining.

“Like An Arrow” is taken from Lucy Rose’s sophomore album Work It Out, which is available on iTunes and various streaming platforms. Be sure to check out Lucy’s website for any tour dates and news, and keep up with her social media below.