unnamed-5Stockholm, Sweden’s new indie masterpiece has just introduced themselves as Small Feet, and they are beginning their indie career with a hauntingly impressive and melodic musical narrative condensed to look like an album. Lead by Simon Stålhamre, the band is releasing their debut album, From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like the Ocean, on the 14th of August, an album that gives the feeling of a meaningful and layered conversation between two old friends in the hush of a cold Stockholm night. Small Feet has an apparent gift for letting the listener feel like they are the only ones listening to this conversation, a feeling of supernal solidarity in an abandoned cabin. This feeling is mutually purposeful by the band, as they recorded in an 18th century cabin on one of the islands within Stockholm, leased to them by the Swedish government. The Swedish government is evidently in tune with the necessity of the right setting to produce an narrative album, and Small Feet’s debut album was all worth the effort.

With the combination of the augural vocals similar to Band of Horses, but with ambiguously yearning lyrics via the Shins, Small Feet enters the world of melody with a grace that has not been witnessed throughout a period of indie void. “Oh-oh, They’ll lead us through the night” are the words on the fourth track of Small Feet’s debut album, and that’s exactly what they do– the reassuring words carry one into a dreamy vacancy where you want to help the narrator get to wherever he wants to go. Further down the narrative, the sixth track introduces “Palm Trees”, which gives you the feeling of a vagabond sitting along the Venice Beach’s Boardwalk, and all the colorful hustle is muted while only hearing the narrator’s words voiced as your own conscience.

“I was yours to discover” Stålhamre reassures all the people who are introducing themselves to his ominous tales, giving his whole soul-filled journal masked as lyrics like a teenager trying to escape from the youth angst that eventually plagues us all. Their first music video for “Rivers”, below, coincides with the established approach of their music- just like their lyrics, they offer the viewers an opportunity to mirror their own subconscious thoughts and notions onto the musicians’ art.

And finally, during the track saturated with the echoed percussions harmonizing with the melodic vocals, “Backwards Falconer”, Small Feet seems to be professing their own self-revolution, when they finally realized the worth of not only themselves, but also their surrounding forces as well: “I like to think of myself in terms of a gathering storm/or that I’m recruiting an army of heathens from the North/to struck the heart of the very chord/to raise our voice ’till it can’t be ignored”

You’d be impossible to ignore, Small Feet.
Small Feet Tour Dates 2015:
9.08 Austin, TX – Holy Mountain
9.09 New Orleans, LA – Gasa Gasa
9.10 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
9.11 Charlotte, NC – Snug Harbor
9.13 Washington, DC – DC9
9.14 Allston, MA – Great Scott
9.15 Brooklyn, NY – Rough Trade
9.17 Philadelphia, PA – Boot & Saddle
9.18 Hudson, NY – The Half Moon
9.19 Montreal, QC – Rialto Hall
9.20 Toronto, ON – Mod Club
9.22 Detroit, MI – Majestic Cafe
9.23 Fort Wayne, IN – The Brass Rail
9.24 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle