We all know the feeling: you’re at a bar, having a good time with your friends, when suddenly you spot someone from across the room who is just magical. You can’t stop watching them. You want to say something, but you don’t know what. After another beer or two, you finally make your move – and everything comes out stupid and wrong.

That could be an utterly terrifying scenario, or, in the case of Mating Ritual’s Ryan Marshall Lawhon, a source of great inspiration. “I Wear Glasses, ” the new release by the former Pacific Air member is, in his own words, “the lubricated version of a could-be hookup with a strong, confident woman. It’s the moment you finally make a move and all the wrong, clichéd lines come out; the moment you lose all fear of romantic pastiche and just let shit fly.”

“I Wear Glasses” is danceable bubblegum pop at its best. Catchy and sweet, the strong bassline and infectious handclaps compliment a singable chorus with lines that just subvert the cliché and begin moving into the realm of clever and intelligent.

This release is also particularly interesting in that Lawhon is completely transparent about the process of releasing a song. In a heartfelt blog post, he laments on the anxieties of releasing music and how this can cloud the original intention of the song. With “I Wear Glasses, ” however, Lawhon is completely comfortable in his skin, and it shows.