Not too long ago, on July 17, Tame Impala released their third studio album, Currents, to critical acclaim. Before that, in April, they released their first single from the album, entitled “‘Cause I’m a Man.” Now, the sister trio HAIM has come out with a remix of the popular song.

The sisters, who were approached by Tame Impala to redo the single, have put their own unique twist on it. While staying true to the song’s roots, the remix features a slower tempo, plenty of handclaps, and a sensual, dreamy vibe emanating from Danielle Haim’s voice.

Perhaps the most interesting part of HAIM’s remix, however, is simply the fact that it features a woman’s voice singing lines like “‘Cause I’m a man, woman/Don’t always think before I do/’Cause I’m a man, woman/That’s the only answer I’ve got for you.” Tame Impala has occasionally come under fire for the song, with critics believing the lyrics to be sexist. Frontman Kevin Parker has defended the song, saying that it’s actually about how weak men can be, and his original intention becomes incredibly clear in HAIM’s version.

Be sure to listen to HAIM’s remix here, as well as the rest of Tame Impala’s Currents, which is available now.