monogemIf you like shoegaze but also secretly like to dance, then Monogem’s “Wait and See” might just be for you.

The song, which was released last year to great acclaim by sites such as Billboard and Earmilk, is a beautiful blend of breezy vocals and synth-pop beats, with subtle synths and floating electronic flourishes. Now, it has a video sweet enough to match its catchy tune.

The video follows a middle-aged man throughout his day as he wanders the streets of Los Angeles alone. At first, it seems as it if it’s going to take the sad, student film route: a grey haired man eats scrambled eggs in his house alone, and stares longingly at a photo of what one can only imagine is his younger self rocking out on stage at a concert.

Then, seemingly without warning, it lifts itself up. The man puts a pair of headphones on and begins to peruse the city on foot. He stumbles across a group of girls who invite him to a bar for tequila shots, plays dice with a couple men on the street, and ultimately ends up at a Monogem concert playing bass for them, reliving the fun of his youth. It closes on a picturesque view of the man staring at the Los Angeles sunrise, and anyone who has ever had the pleasure of seeing a sight like that knows what a good way to end a night that is.

“Wait and See” embodies all the hope and possibility of a big city, with all the danceability of a summer hit.

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