unnamed (2)Every now and then, a music video comes along that, regardless of your feelings towards it, has a sense of artistry that is simply undeniable. Case in point: Autre Ne Veut’s recent video for the single “World War Pt. 2.”

The song, as well as the album it will soon be released on, Age of Transparency, serve as sequel’s to Autre Ne Veut’s Anxiety and the “World War” track featured on it. Here, a lo-fi R&B tune accompanies a video in which Arthur Ashin, the brain behind Autre Ne Veut stands bald and naked while the dancer Macy Sullivan, also bald and naked, clings tightly to him like a baby to its mother.

If “World War Pt. 2” isn’t jarring enough on its own, then the video certainly sends it over the top. In a beautiful and curious display of love and interdependence taken too far, the video is the kind of thing that stays with you long after it’s over. Macy Sullivan, who claws at Ashin as she mouths the riff that plays intermittently throughout, is simply haunting. It’s safe to say that if the rest of the tracks on Age of Transparency are anything like “World War Pt. 2, ” then this will definitely be an album worth talking about.

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Autre Ne Veut – Age of Transparency
(Downtown – October 2nd, 2015)
1. On and On (Reprise)
2. Panic Room
3. Cold Winds
4. Age of Transparency
5. Switch Hitter
6. Never Wanted
7. Word War Pt. 2
8. Over Now
9. Get Out