lanoonIf ever there was a good road trip song, or a song perfect for a movie montage, N. Lannon’s “Dreamer” is it, and his new music video serves to prove it. Directed by Christopher Coats, the video takes viewers on a 4-minute long journey through winding roads, open fields, snowy tracks, and other distant memories.

“Dreamer” is the third track on N. Lannon’s – full name Nyles Lannon – newest LP, Falling Inside. Nyles, perhaps best known for his guitar playing in the band Film School, has released two other solo albums under the moniker of N. Lannon. As he told Bullett Magazine, “‘Dreamer’ is about someone trying to hang on to her dreams and appreciation of beauty despite being manipulated and preyed upon by others.” This hypnotic tune is, among many things, undoubtedly beautiful, and the video is certainly worth a watch.


Track Listing
01 Kill All These Machines
02 Endless Night
03 Dreamer
04 Another Love
05 Submarine
06 Queen Of Rivertown
07 Captain
08 Little Indian
09 Valerie
10 Hole
11 Want Me