unnamed (3)FM Belfast, Retro Stefson, Sykur… something about the cold Icelandic air just gifts the artists with a knack for good pop songs. Today’s export is Young Karin, a band formerly known as Highlands. They’ve just released their latest effort, a three track set titled PYK, earlier this summer and it’s just solidifies the new bands place in the music industry.

The lead single from PYK is a track that finds itself somewhere between the frantic minimalist energy of FKA twigs and the dark brooding R&B of Banks. The red herring of an intro paints an atmospheric soundscape featuring featherlight brass until the track switches between atmospheric verses and a chorus with snappy percussion and synths that ebb and flow.

Frontwoman Karin Sveinsdóttir’s husky voice glides effortlessly with a youthful inflection that doesn’t overcome it’s emotive quality. “Leave your bones at home, won’t you fall for me, ” she pleads over the lush soundscape, portraying a sense of bittersweet yearning for a lover while both of them appear to have their own skeletons to deal with.

The PYK EP was released for free at 66north, but you may have trouble downloading. In which case, check it out on SoundCloud where free downloads are also available, or stream it on Spotify.