The Bulls Final 01 SQ HQThe Bulls, the Los Angeles-based, self-described ‘dream-gaze’ duo of Anna Bulbrook (The Airborne Toxic Event, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros) and Marc Sallis (The Duke Spirit) and their new single “Rumors”, off the Diet Pink Records imprint, is a tour de force. This duo is a fantastic amalgamation of stellar, star gaze music and they mean to tell it like it is. And what I think they mean by is what it is like being a native Los Angeles rock band with a residency at the Satellite am alternative venue in the Silver Lake area in the City of Angels, and being a band with a front -woman who just may do it all. She is the lead vocalist, violinist, and guitarist, which in of itself is feat that makes it worthwhile to check these guys out.

The driving bass and electric soundscapes coupled with the drums pounding along this song is pulsating from beginning to end. As the words, “I felt your eyes “ begin to drift towards my ears the feelings of desire and yearn begin to form in my mind and soul. Yes, the “Rumor” is true The Bulls are here to stay with this auditory display of a pure and ultimately melancholy story of love, loss, and what I suspect is infidelity. The most chilling section of this song is when the beat breaks down and then begins the buildup. With the vocals chilling and repeating, “are you telling me?” as the guitar slides down the scale, the bells begin to chime back in, the melody drifts back in the form of a guitar riff, and finally the drums begin to build the tension back into the chorus. At this point, it becomes apparent we will be left to decide ourselves if it the “Rumor” is true or not but either way the wonder is half of what draws me draw into this song.