amateur-best-they-knowAmateur Best is a music act created by Joe Flory, formerly known as Primary 1. He’s readying his second full-length album The Gleaners to be released in October, a follow up to 2013 No Thrills. His music is slinky electropop, cold and disaffected enough to walk the New York City streets, warm enough to come home to, if music can feel both hazy and crystal clear — this is it.

“They Know” — like the lead single from this era, “Marzipan” — plays with the same vibe that he’s established with his debut as Amateur Best, but the synths flourish a little more and the bass lands a little sweeter to aid the ever so slightest breakbeat that throbs without pounding. Unlike the energetic and colorful “Marzipan, ” this song leans more towards ballad territory when the chords run smoother as does his falsetto that cooly grazes over the track like a ghost. A subtle version of Disclosure’s intelligent romantic house is brought to mind, something more inviting that brings to the mind enchanting rather than disenchanted. Just wait for that sax hook that appears in the latter end of the song, a little random but appropriate too, the grooves of the song bring to mind a jazz-like musicality that wouldn’t feel out of place in a smoky underground bar.

The Gleaners is due to be released October 2nd off of Brille Records, you can pre-order here. There’s no words of a tour thus far, aside from one London show after the release of the album, but keep in touch with the artist on his social media so you don’t miss a beat.