beachhouse_sparks_01Beach House is, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scully, a band from Baltimore, Maryland and they are in clear control of the California Beach House vibe, get it? This song “Sparks” is in consistent style with their commonalities as an artist and band, spacey, vibrant melodic tones. Sparks is a journey in of itself. There are not too many songs that move me to desire a Volkswagen Bus ride up PCH Highway 1 but this song embodies that feeling and emotion. I can almost feel the wind blowing through my hair and the smell of sea salt and sand emanating from the ocean on the other side of the highway and the scent of rosemary and the mountains drifting down. Lyrically Sparks is a pure, deluge of feeling.


“We drive around this town, houses melting down, a vision turning green, is all we’ve ever seen, and then it’s dark again, a new development, wishing that it meant, something natural, don’t we know it’s cruel, and it goes dark again, just like a spark.”


The chanting from the beginning sest the mood and tone for this track of wonder and deep internal thought. Then the spacey, blown out guitar riff comes in offering up notes that, I feel, tell the real story here: a repetitive, mentally consuming story of coming and going, much like a spark. The power of the song can be found not only in the written and sung lyrics but the organ. The organ chords coupled with the guitar and effervescent vocals drive this song towards a denouement that leaves the listener yearning for more. This song is featured on their recently pressed Sub-Pop imprint with the title of the album, “Depression Cherry” which, was released on 8/28/15. Be sure to check them out on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Amazon, and at the Beach House.