11872019_1164463223569785_1593358671626736073_oWhen driving to work, have you ever caught yourself wishing that you could take the next exit, sneak out of town and never look back? “Cote D’Azur” by Quiet Hollers, could be the perfect soundtrack for that escape. “Cote D’Azur” is a track from the Quiet Hollers’ self-titled album that will be released this October 2015. After the release of their 2013 album I Am The Morning, Quiet Hollers gained an immense fan base, which lead to several tours across the country. Thanks to the popularity of I Am The Morning and the support of their dedicated fans, Quiet Hollers were able to produce their new album independently, without the assistance of a record label.

The soft, moody guitar and nasally voice of Shadwick Wilde are both subtly reminiscent of the indie band Built To Spill, but Quiet Hollers are very much their own.“Cote D’Azur” in particular is nearly a tribute to Kerouac, with lyrics like; “Livin’ out of luggage ain’t so bad / I remember the problems that I used to have, ” and “living in a hotel room ain’t hard / if it gets too lonely, you can break into the mini-bar.” The song is a celebration of independence and living for yourself, not the routine. “Cote D’Azur” is a daydream anthem, a great accompaniment for any time you want to escape from reality. And don’t worry, just because Quiet Hollers produced their album by themselves doesn’t mean it’ll be hard to find; you can preorder the album Quiet Hollers here.