1544366_789155344478286_6436897687436689599_nEveryone has that one movie that they love to cry to. That one movie that relates to something you have just experienced, so you watch it just to get in touch with these emotions. “Always” by Jake McMullen has a similar effect emotionally, but instead of sharing emotions with you, he seems to explain to you how you’re feeling. Although his music is mainly acoustic guitar, the guitar is rich and carries a lot of depth.

Jake McMullen’s grave, yet beautiful style of music is mostly because of the tone of his voice, and the lyrics. The chorus sum up the tone of the song pretty well; “You and your heartbreak / And all of the mistakes / Are always there” these lyrics acknowledge the finality of our lives, and address the fact that you can’t erase the past. No matter how much you want it to change, it will always stick with you. This may seem to be a rather depressing idea, but the following lines gives the chorus a different tone; “You got some heartache / Come meet all my mistakes / And we’ll always be there” offer comfort in the fact that everyone has mistakes they can’t escape. Anytime that you or someone you know is having a hard time, listening to “Always” could provide the same effect as eating ice cream or cuddling up with your favorite sweater.

Jake McMullen is originally from Los Angeles, but he moved to Nashville due to its music culture and community. Currently he is not on tour, but has plans to start soon.